A  Film Isn't Finished Until It Is Seen

21-23 September 2018

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The 2017 Portsmouth International Film Festival ran from 22-24th September 2017, including films screening on Big Screen Portsmouth in Guildhall Square, and in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.


Submissions for the 2018 festival are NOW OPEN!


We have been a part of independent film distribution, independent movie making and the management of other International Film Festivals.  We are a family run business which we started in 2009, we currently have over 40 films in the market and have helped run five other film festivals. What started as a family passion has now become our life’s work.


Every year many of our participants and visitors tell us that highlight of the event is the socialising VIP dinner held on the first day of the festival, the VIP evening events held every evening and of course our Awards night.


Complementing the excitement of seeing and meeting the independent movie makers and their films at the festival. We have our educational programs, ‘Pitch and Toss’ and talks from people in the industry. This program allows us to share with members and visitors the skills, joys and pitfalls in the success of bringing your vision to the silver screen.


We are able to provide our guests with a taste of what even the biggest movie makers experienced as they tried to introduce their films into the world. Telling their story has been a vital part of the success of our festivals.


This video diary from a group of filmmakers attending the 2014 festival gives a good flavour of the festival and its atmosphere.



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