A  Film Isn't Finished Until It Is Seen

21-23 September 2018

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Portsmouth International Film Festival


Portsmouth International Film Festival is the collaboration of 3 movie nuts who happen to be age old friends, Christopher Abbott, Richard Harris and Peter Murfet.


This festival is an extension of the one in Southampton, with it bringing more film makers from the local area.


We will have many students and locals from Portsmouth involved who all enjoy movies in their spare time as well as visitors from outside the area. Not only are we showing the films, but also have a number of lecturers who have made a career in the industry.


Christopher Abbott runs A1 Pictures, a specialist Independent Film Distributor, he travels up and down the UK and Europe to visit and support film festivals.


With the increasing demands of new story lines and storytelling, we believe our international independent film festival is well positioned to help move this forward with significant success. Our vision is to bring independent movies to Portsmouth and even help kick-start and inspire new movie makers.


We are able to provide our guests with a taste of what even the biggest movie makers experienced as they tried to introduce their films into the world.