A  Film Isn't Finished Until It Is Seen

22-25 September 2016

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Best Feature Film - Locusts

Director of a Feature - The Hotel Dieu

Feature Screenplay - Solitary

Cinematography in a Feature - Locusts

Leading Actress in a Feature - Maria Aronova [ Battalion]

Leading Actor in a Feature - Joel Crichton [Year After Year]

Supporting Actress in a Feature - Jessica Siegner [The Hotel Dieu]

Supporting Actor in a Feature - Kevin McGowan [ Solitary]


Best Short Film - Leben in Vienna

Director of a Short Film - The Loudest Minds

Short Screenplay - Beverley

Editing in a Short - Maybe

Cinematography in a Short - The Dangle

Score in a Short - Welcome

Leading Actress in a Short - Annie O'Donnell [ann]

Leading Actor in a Short - Brian Ferguson [Imagine That]

Supporting Actress in a Short - Florence Maury [Le Risque Zero]

Supporting Actor in a Short - Peter Thomas [Stanton Trust]


Short Film not in the English Language - Welcome

Best Comedy - The Hook

Best Student Film - Doug


Sound Design - Memories

Production Design - In The Blind

Costume Design - Kurokawa Wonderland

Hair/Make-Up - Memories


Best Animated Film - Tick Tock

Achievement in Art - Bye Bye Dandelion

Screenplay for Animation - Claire & the Keys


Best Feature Documentary - In Search of a Lost Paradise

Best Short Documentary - Ponty Party

Editing in a Documentary - Winds of Change

Sound in a Documentary - Moth Vitals

Cinematography in a Documentary - Porters


Special Award for Extras Casting - Year After Year

Award Winners 2015

Our Award Winners for 2016 will be announced at our Awards Dinner on Sunday 25th September.

Results will be shared live on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for those unable to attend.