A  Film Isn't Finished Until It Is Seen

21-23 September 2018

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Best Feature Film - Gala and Godfrey

Director of a Feature - Short Supply

Feature Screenplay - Out of Innocence

Cinematography in a Feature - Death on a Rock

Editing in a Feature - Roman Citizen

Score in a Feature - Kiss of Life


Leading Actress in a Feature - Rachael Perrell-Fosket [Death on a Rock]

Leading Actor in a Feature - Ali Sunal [Kiss of Life]

Supporting Actress in a Feature - Fionnuala Flaherty [Out of Innocence]

Supporting Actor in a Feature - Alun Armstrong [ Out of Innocence]


Best Short Film - Soror

Director of a Short Film - Oedipus

Short Screenplay - For My Next Trick

Editing in a Short - Lost Youth

Cinematography in a Short - Lost Youth

Score in a Short - Heather's Painting


Leading Actress in a Short - Sophia del Pizzo [This Way Up]

Leading Actor in a Short - Chris Martin [Open Mike]

Supporting Performance in a Short - Bradley Walsh [The Lights]


Best British Film - The Prowler

Short Film not in the English Language - Children

Best Comedy - Dead Sad

Best Student Film - Jagon


Sound Design - Through the Looking Glass

Production Design - Ministry of Guilt

Costume Design - Our Father

Hair/Make-Up - Boris in the Forest

Visual Effects - Drop Out


Best Documentary - A Road to Home

Directing in a Documentary - A Road to Home

Editing in a Documentary - The Plight of Freedom

Sound in a Documentary - Chiaroscuro

Photography in a Documentary - Gone Viral


Best Animated Feature - The Hunting of the Snark

Best Animated Short - The Punishment


Stop Motion Award - The Punishment

Digital Animation Award - Le Constructeur de Malheur

Hand-Drawn Animation - Perched

Best Animated Comedy - Le Constructeur de Malheur

Best Non-Narrative Animation - Alexandra

Best Student Animation - Fulfilament

Animation for Children - It's Time

Animation for Music - Sky High


Director of an Animation - Le Constructeur de Malheur

Animated Screenplay - The Teacup

Editing in an Animation - The Straw Man

Production Design for Animation - One Too Many

Sound Design in an Animation - Rum

Achievement in Art - Winter Moves In

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