A  Film Isn't Finished Until It Is Seen

21-23 September 2018

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Single Day VIP Pass

£25.50 (Sold out)

Single day VIP Pass

• Full unlimited access to all the cinema screenings throughout the festival

Entry to a VIP event on one evening.  Choose from:

• Welcome Dinner/Networking Event (Friday 23rd)
• Ghost Walk (Saturday 24th)

This ticket offers incredible value for money and promises an unforgettable experience alongside other filmmakers.  This VIP pass is aimed at visiting film-makers whose work is being showcased at the festival, but are also available for sale to any local film-makers or members of the general public who wish to attend our VIP events.  

All tickets are non refundable two weeks pror to the event.

“The art of film can only really exist through a highly organized betrayal of reality.” – François Truffaut

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