A  Film Isn't Finished Until It Is Seen

21-23 September 2018

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Best Feature Film - Locusts

Director of a Feature - The Hotel Dieu

Feature Screenplay - Solitary

Cinematography in a Feature - Locusts

Leading Actress in a Feature - Maria Aronova [ Battalion]

Leading Actor in a Feature - Joel Crichton [Year After Year]

Supporting Actress in a Feature - Jessica Siegner [The Hotel Dieu]

Supporting Actor in a Feature - Kevin McGowan [ Solitary]


Best Short Film - Leben in Vienna

Director of a Short Film - The Loudest Minds

Short Screenplay - Beverley

Editing in a Short - Maybe

Cinematography in a Short - The Dangle

Score in a Short - Welcome

Leading Actress in a Short - Annie O'Donnell [ann]

Leading Actor in a Short - Brian Ferguson [Imagine That]

Supporting Actress in a Short - Florence Maury [Le Risque Zero]

Supporting Actor in a Short - Peter Thomas [Stanton Trust]


Short Film not in the English Language - Welcome

Best Comedy - The Hook

Best Student Film - Doug


Sound Design - Memories

Production Design - In The Blind

Costume Design - Kurokawa Wonderland

Hair/Make-Up - Memories


Best Animated Film - Tick Tock

Achievement in Art - Bye Bye Dandelion

Screenplay for Animation - Claire & the Keys


Best Feature Documentary - In Search of a Lost Paradise

Best Short Documentary - Ponty Party

Editing in a Documentary - Winds of Change

Sound in a Documentary - Moth Vitals

Cinematography in a Documentary - Porters


Special Award for Extras Casting - Year After Year

Award Winners 2015